Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Libby trial exhibit: CIA didn't debunk Niger forgeries when it had the chance

Emptywheel has picked up on something huge, from yesterday's evidence: a memo from the State dept. regarding the Niger forgeries (the bogus charges re: Saddam procuring uranium from Africa). As emptywheel points out, the CIA has led us to believe that they received copies of the forgeries from the State Dept. This is not true (cribbed from pg.2, last para):

So the CIA received their own copies of the Niger documents. And didn't debunk them before the war. At least not publicly. Here's another important para from the INR/State Dept memo (pg 3, 1st para; note: WINPAC is a central intelligence centre for "Weapons Intelligence, Nonproliferation, and Arms Control"):

So, we still don't know why the CIA decided to swallow all of the blame for the more general WMD claims. Tenet was bullied. Tenet wanted to hang with the cool kids in the new Rethuglican WH. Good ol'boy. Promises? Sure...Tenet's doin'a-ok for his'self these days...


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