Thursday, October 06, 2005

Robert Reich, P.I.

I love this guy. Robert Reich wins "funniest Sec. Labour" ('scuse me, "Labor"). Reich served under Clinton 1992-1996 *. Reich & Clinton go way back; they met as Rhodes scholars at Oxford and both attended Yale Law School. They remain good buds. Reich teaches at Brandeis University and continues to publish books & articles about economics, policy etc. His latest article, "Bush Administration Paradox Explained," is must-read stuff.

So what makes this wonk so hilarious? Exhibit A: Conan O'Brien' s show. Check out this buddy-cop piece they did in the summer (Windows Media Player).

Exhibit B: Reich is a frequent guest on Morning Sedition, joshing around with Marc Maron (comedian) and his co-host, Mark Riley.

I rest my case. Funniest. Labo(u)r. Secretary. Ever. /end-mash-note :)

* According to Clinton's memoirs, Reich resigned over policy differences (Reich felt that investment in education, training, etc. had fallen victim to Clinton's focus on deficit reduction)


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