Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Comic relief: "Computer says No" :)

If you haven't seen the BBC 3 series, Little Britain, do yourself a "grace and favour" and check out this site (thanks to my sister!). The show airs only erratically in Canada and now appears to be in the 2:30 PM (EST) Sunday slot on Showcase. If you don't get it in your neck of the woods, the site offers video clips from Seasons 1 & 2. From Season 1, chef recommends "Marjorie is Struck off Fat Fighters", "Lou & Andy - Smurf", "Vicky Essay", "Vicky Swimming", "Anne does some gardening", and from Season 2: "I'm Nearly 6 and want to open a Bank Account", "Need A Loan - Ask Carol - What's that?? Computer Says No!!!", and "Daffyd's Gay/Lesbian Stall".


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