Saturday, January 21, 2006

California tourists against Canadian gays?!

Yes, a pair of unwitting yet photogenic California tourists have been co-opted for the anti-gay campaign, here in Canada. An astute poster discovered that "Vote Marriage, Canada!" used one of those royalty-free Getty Images on their main website. The Getty caption indicates that the couple had their picture snapped on the slopes of Big Bear, California. Yes, that's California, U.S.A! Was the Canadian Tire couple unavailable? Oh, right...they're not exactly emblematic of happy-pappy heterosexual marriage (BTW & P.S.: I know who the "top" is in that relationship...and what you're really up to with that pressure washer!)

[Incidentally, the picture has also been co-opted by the BC Lottery Corporation. Tip to Bouquets of Grey & the good people on for that find.]

Egale studied the endorsements on the Vote Marriage site and found the following:
There were 100 incumbents endorsed – 84 Conservative, 11 Liberal, 4 Bloc and 1 Independent. There were 109 non-incumbents endorsed – 104 Conservative, 4 Christian Heritage Party and 1 independent. No new Liberal candidates were endorsed.
To the anti-gay bigots on "Vote Marriage": what do you have to say for yourselves? Egale is waiting...

To the attractive Getty Image couple: on behalf of Canadians, I apologize for the cynical use of your likeness and for otherwise pimping you out. I hope your ski trip was nice.


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