Thursday, October 06, 2005

God: The Bush Whisperer

From the Guardian:

"George Bush: 'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq'"

Yeah, well, God says a lotta things.

God told me that hallucinations and delusional thinking are symptoms of schizophrenia. And then he wept and wept and begged us to pay more attention to Him.

And that's when I realized it was my 1st yr Psych professor.

And that's when I vowed, 'Never again'

....would I sit in the front row for an 8am class.

Silly rabbit. God is for kids.

Update [1:37AM, Oct 7]: from the BBC: "The White House has dismissed as "absurd" allegations made in a BBC TV series that President Bush claimed God told him to invade Iraq." Ohhhhhhkay. *wink*


Anonymous Nick said...

Haha! Oh man, you a a born blogger. This one gets the highest marks for your own content.

10/07/2005 7:23 AM  

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