Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dude, we're totally getting invaded

Dammit, they caught us with oil:

U.S. energy future rests with development of Canadian oil sands

Of course, the Dark One already knew aboot our oil, eh. Cheney was supposed to have visited the oilsands in early September but had to postpone due to Katrina (yeah, right) and a pair of time-bombs in his knees.

Oh yeah, his knees are also evil.

I heard something curious out of our U.S. Ambassador, last Friday. Frank McKenna was a guest on TVO's Diplomatic Immunity. I can't find a transcript but I think I heard Frank mutter something about backing-outta NAFTA if the US doesn't come around on the illegal softwood lumber tariffs. It wasn't the threat of backing out of NAFTA that surprised me, but rather the goofball NAFTA provision that we guarantee Americans a reliable source of oil & gas (thanks Mulroney). I know Linda McQuaig has talked about this bizarre trade rule before but I can't remember where I first heard about it.

Game on, eh?


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