Thursday, October 06, 2005

Karl to testify AGAIN?

"Breaking," as it were:

Karl to Testify again in CIA Leak case

This would be his 4th time. Unlike the first three times, he has not been assured that he's not a target (i.e. he might yet be indicted). Guesses? Anyone? Anyone?

O'Donnell reckons that Rove might have to testify against Libby (Cheney's chief of staff & Judy Miller's hamfisted penpal).

Anyone want to place bets on Frogmarch dates? I do love a parade.

Update & Correction [4:42 PM, Oct 6]: Hmm...O'Donnell has an intriguing update. And I have a correction: according to Rove's lawyer, "I can say categorically that Karl has not received a target letter from the special counsel. The special counsel has confirmed that he has not made any charging decisions in respect to Karl."


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