Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tee hee...more video fun

Loads of funny-goodness to share with you, today:

G.O.P.S., the new cartoon by Mark Fiore

Miller Time, the latest Daily Show update on the leak investigation (Quicktime; click on picture to start video)

Hide the Whaaa?! Howard Dean's bizarre, Freudian slip on "Hardball" last night. Oh Howard.

Armed Dolphins: adorable myth or terrifying reality? Countdown's Keith Olbermann investigates (note: video on the MSNBC site might only 'launch' properly from Internet Exploder). I first heard about these Navy dolphins on the Rachel Maddow show, although they were originally reported in the Observer. I'm not sure if Keith's guest succeeded in debunking this story; this page looks pretty dern official. Adorable, but official.

Stay tuned! Remember, you can always find great video clips from One Good Move, Crooks & Liars & Dissent (listed among the "Video" links, right-hand side of this blog).


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